The United States of America as a country is one which has set standards in many fields which all the other countries aspire to achieve. It is one of the most populous countries along with one of the top ten largest countries based on land area. They hold important designations in many international committees like United Nations, World Bank, and the Security Council.

Comprising of 50 states, the individual parts of this country have just as much to offer as they have as a collective. Some these cities are selected by the cream of the population and many dignitaries as prime regions of great development and revenue. Following are the top 10 richest cities in the United States of America in 2019.

10. Trenton, New Jersey

Richest Cities In The US 2019

This city, now the capital of New Jersey was once the capital of the entire country. The history of this city has been traced all the way back to 1719 and is named William Trent who was a trader in Philadelphia and New Jersey. The Delaware River runs through this capital city.

This city was known as a major manufacturing center in the late 19th century, which gave rise to the slogan ‘Treton makes, the World takes’. This slogan later was adopted by the city as they took the leading role in the production of rubber and wire rope.

9. Oxnard, California

Richest Cities In The US

This city is the home of Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, whose residents make more than average national income, has been listed as one of the wealthiest areas in America. with miles and miles of scenic beach fronts and dry summers and fairly pleasant winters, this city is like paradise.

Along with being the key manufacturing center, Oxnard’s economy also includes defense, trade (international), agriculture and tourism. It is home to one of the busiest deep-harbor docks which are utilised by companies like Del Monte, Chiquita, and BMW. They are also famous for their strawberries.

8. Boston, Massachusetts

Richest Cities In The US

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and it is the most populated city in the state. It has a lot of significance in the American Revolution as it was the sight of events like the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

But what this glorious city is most famous for are the colleges and universities it is home to. Some of the heavy hitters in the higher education community like Harvard, MIT and Tufts have their campus situated in Boston. Economically this city has made itself capable to be listed in the top 30 most economically powerful cities in the world.

7. Anchorage, Alaska

Richest Cities In The US

We have moved to the most populous city in the northernmost state now. This is the city which has approximately the same distance from Frankfurt and Tokyo as it has from New York. This equidistant position makes it a hub for heavy air traffic, including Fed Ex to refuel while on long-distance flights which is why they have third busiest cargo airport in the world.

Economically, they heavily rely on sectors like transportation, military, tourism and resource extraction which mainly includes oil.

6. Midland, Texas

Richest Cities In The US

Midland is the 24th most populous city in the state of Texas and hometown of First Lady Laura Bush and the former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. According to the 2014 census, Midland has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States with the school district and Dawson Geophysical as the topmost employers.

5. Arlington, Washington

Richest Cities In The US

Found in the western foothills of the Cascade Range is the city of Arlington. Primarily settled in two separate cities, eventually, the larger Arlington, absorbed the smaller one to become a larger city and has only seen growth in their coverage since.

Most of the Arlington workforce is employed in the nearby regions like Seattle, Evertt, Bellevue, Renton, and Marysville. Their early economy relied on timber but after the closing down of the mills during the great depression this sector fell away. In recent time the largest employers are the school system and healthcare with the municipal airport lending a hand now and then.

4. San Francisco, California

Richest Cities In The US

The city of Stephen Curry and the Golden State Bridge, San Francisco is a city that anyone around the world could link to the United States. Also called the cultural, financial and commercial center of Northern California, San Francisco has a land mass area of 47.9 square miles.

The initial gold rush of 1849 was responsible for early settlement in this area. San Francisco has been grounds for many historic events like the formation of UN, the Peace Movement opposing United States war in Vietnam and the Gay Rights movement. All these events made San Francisco he hub for liberal activism.

San Francisco has cemented its economic strength by being the center for headquarters for companies like Levi Strauss, Gap, Fitbit, Uber and many more.

3. Bridgeport, Connecticut

Richest Cities In The US

This seaport city is the largest city in Connecticut and is located at the mouth of Pequannock River. Due to being on a river, this city in its early colonial years was a major shipping and fishing city and the later industrial revolution connected this city via rail road’s too close by populous cities like New York.

The man is known as the greatest showman, P.T. Barnum who started the circus craze in America belonged to this fair city. The largest employer in this city comes from health care like the Bridgeport Hospital and St Vincent Medical Center.

2. California, Maryland

Richest Cities In The US

California is a community in St. Mary’s county with a population of 11, 857 which was a 20% increase since 2000. The growth has not seized the population from neighbouring cities keep pouring into the city which is mainly attributed to the jobs created by the technology and military sectors at a Naval Station in the city.

This city comes in the route of people travelling to the resort town of Solomon, Maryland.

1. San Jose, California

Richest Cities In The US

Land of the Silicon Valley and all the technological revolutions we saw in this still young century. It is the largest city in Northern California with a population of 1, 026, 908 making it the third most populous city in California and tenth most populous city in the United States.

This massive population growth was seen after World War 2 which was attributed to the economic boom. The recent growth in tech and electric companies caused a shift in the workforce in this city which was primarily agriculture based.

The United States is one of the most accomplished countries in the world have achieved great feats in science, aerospace, education, medicine, military and many other fields. The mentioned cities are few of many in the country who have vast cultures amongst themselves and are centers more many great innovations and accomplishments.


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