Revenue is one of the most important aspects to run a village, city or country. The more a city can earn revenue, the better its administration works. Money is very crucial to maintain the infrastructure, cleanliness, electricity, water supply of a place.

There are many ways to earn the money like earnings from tourism, service taxes, purchasing taxes, Income taxes etc. The world has many developed and well-established cities. Some of the richest cities in the world in 2019 are as follows:

10. Shanghai

Richest Cities 2019

China is well known for all of its products and we all can imagine the revenue they earn. So it was quite obvious that the capital city of the business-minded country has a name in the list of some of the richest cities in the world. Shanghai is also the largest and the most populated city in the world. The city grew after the 90s. It pulled itself back together during that period. The foreign investments and other financial strategies really work and as a result, the city’s current net worth is $516.5 billion. It is one of the world’s richest cities.

9. Moscow

Richest Cities

Moscow the capital city of Russian is one of the top names in the list of the richest cities in the world. It is no surprise that Moscow is on the list as Russia has about 30% of world’s natural resources. They earn a huge amount of revenue with all the products they produce with utilising the natural resources. They also have a backing of natural gas, metal, oil, etc. The exports are a big source of earning for this city. Moscow earns about $520.1 billion.

8. Chicago

Richest Cities

The city of United States of America is one of richest cities in the world. They have different sources for earning but their major source of income has been transportation business, production, publishing, manufacturing, insurance and many other such occupations. The city has an established workforce in every sector. All the economic sectors are well efficient and earning in this city. It has to be one of the richest with an income of $547.2 billion.

7. Osaka

Richest Cities

Osaka is Japan’s densely populated city as it is the second smallest city in the country. This city comes on the list of one of the richest cities in the world. This city is housed in big ventures like Panasonic and Sanyo. Osaka was the second most expensive cities in 2013 in Japan. The city’s worth is $654.8 billion. In spite of being the second smallest city, it adds to the economy of France at a large amount.

6. Paris

Richest Cities

Paris net worth is $ 669.2 billion. It is the most beautiful city in France. It adds about 30% of France’s GDP. The city is famously known for its romantic flavour and stylish aura. The major earning of this city comes from transportation, tourism and industry. This city is a big attraction for the tourists from all over the world and the romantic aura it has. People love to visit this place again and again.

5. London

Richest Cities

The capital city of United Kingdom is one of the richest cities in the world. This city is the largest city in England. The city is a great tourist attraction. People from all over the world travel to see the architectural excellence of this city, the city gets a great amount of earning from the travelling business. Other than that the city is the hub of all the big industrial set up. Big companies are headquartered in London, a lot of exports are also the reason for the raise on the money earning by the city. London has a worth of $750 billion.

4. Seoul

Richest Cities

The city is in South Korea is the leading technological area in the whole world. This place has a great amount of population which is efficient and skilled and helps the city to earn more. This city earns $804 billion. It has the largest technological hubs. The city has taken over the global market with its technological innovations. This city is also an amazing tourist spot. People from world travel to Seoul to experience the beautiful sight this city has, and tourism is also a source of the huge earning to this city.

3. Los Angeles

Richest Cities

Though the population in this city is little less, in this city resides all the big Hollywood stars. This city has Disneyland and the Hollywood for people giving the scope to do so many things. Creativity, fun is in the air of this city and maybe that’s the secret to the huge earning this city has. This city has a worth of $800 billion. This city is full of opportunities and adventures. People enjoy the work they do and that’s the reason they work twice and earn more than many cities.

2. New York

Richest Cities

The capital city of USA, the city of dreams, the largest and greatest city in the world has a worth of $1200 billion. This city is house to many top modelling agencies in the world. The city has twin tower, empire state building, the statue of liberty and a lot of other tourist attractions. New York is indeed the most attractive and efficient city in the world. This city has an establishment of diversified culture and traditions.

1. Tokyo

Richest Cities

The capital city of Japan has a worth of $1500 billion. This city is the house of a great population and it is the richest city in the world in 2019. The city has gone through a lot of destructions due to natural calamities, still, it has rebuilt itself and has become the richest city in the world. This city is home to many big companies and technological hubs.

Above mentioned are some of the richest cities in the world. All of these cities are greatly capable of providing people with the scope to work in the different fields of their choices and earn from that. The big industrial setups and the tourism help the cities earn a lot of revenue.