Though the fact that most of the European countries are civilised and rich, there are some of the countries which AR far ahead of time heir contemporary countries and are dominating to be the richest. The criterion through which the richness of a country is decided is its final GDP. Amd, according to this GDP, we are here providing you with the details of these top 10 richest countries of Europe in 2019.

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10. Austria

Richest Countries of Europe 2019

Austria is considered as a federal republic, which is situated in Central Europe. It is officially, known as the Republic of Austria, whose capital is Vienna. Euro is the currency of Austria. It has one of the best policies if market in the country and provides it’s citizens a very high standard of living. A great deal of good working industries and international tourism marks the basic outline of its economy. The banking and finance sectors also prove a major pillar. The country is able to make it here to the with a gross development progress if 48,005 US dollars.

9. Germany

Richest Countries of Europe

Germany is an European country, situated in Central Europe. It is a federal country and is officially known as the federal Republic of Germany. The capital of the country is Berlin and the currency used is Euro. Germany is moreover, a good public than a good economy as the resin for its economy being one of the best is that the labour force is highly skilled and dedicated. Lowest corruption further helps it. It is one of the largest exporter countries in the world. It ranks number 9 in the list of richest European countries with GDP of 48,111 American Dollars.

8. Iceland

Richest Countries of Europe

Iceland is one of the most developed economies and sparsely populated country of the world. The capital of the country is Reykjavik. The currency used in this country is Icelandic Krona. Not only economy but Iceland has also given the same importance to its environment which makes it one of the most successful green economies. Iceland is a productive nation and also accounts for its citizens development. Iceland has been successful to be one of the wealthiest nation in Europe, as it has a GDP which reads as 49136 US Dollars.

7. Sweden

Richest Countries of Europe

Sweden is an European country situated in its central region. The country is officially known as Kingdom of Sweden and is a Constitutional monarchy. Stockholm is the capital of the country and the currency used is Swedish Krona. The country depicts with high standard quality of living and also proves an example for the other countries as it makes for the lowest income differences. The country has the GDP of 49,836 American Dollars and Is one of the richest European countries.

6. Netherlands

Richest Countries of Europe

Netherlands is also known as Holland very widely. The country is situated on Western Europe and the capital is Amsterdam. It is the largest source of natural gas in the world. Agriculture also forms a major part of its economy. Netherlands believes in the economic freedom of its citizens and provides so. The country has a GDP of 51,049 American Dollars which makes it one of the most wealthiest economies of the Europe and here in this list.

5. San Marino

Richest Countries of Europe

San Marino is a small country rather an enclave surrounded by Italy, which is situated in southern Europe. Sam Marino has the capital named as city of San Marino and the currency as Euro. It is the oldest republic in world. San Marino has some major beautiful destinations which are much enjoyed by the tourists. San Marino, though small in size, is a developed economy. It is an example for the big countries in terms of its wealth policies. San Marino has made it to this list AA it has a GDP of 59,058 American Dollars.

4. Switzerland

Richest Countries of Europe

Switzerland is a republic, located in Western Europe. Bern is the capital of the country and the currency used is Swiss franc. The banking, Insurance, tourism and pharmaceutical agencies forms the basic structure for its economy. Switzerland, though being a European country, is not a member of European Union, instead to get ease with foreign trade, European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA). Switzerland makes it here to this list as it has a GDP of 59,561 US Dollars.

3. Ireland

Richest Countries of Europe

Ireland, also known as the Republic of Ireland, is situated north West region of Europe. Dublin is the capital of this country. Ireland is an island whose residents are basically having the mother tongue as English or Irish. It is the leading exporter of zinc and lead. The alcohol forms an important part of the trade in Ireland. With a gross development progress of 69,231 American Dollars, Ireland has been successful to make it to this list which says of top most 10 richest countries of Europe.

2. Norway

Richest Countries of Europe

Norway is a sovereign country in Europe which is officially known as Kingdom of Norway. Oslo is the capital of Norway and the currency used is Norwegian Krone. Natural gas, hydroelectric power and fish constitute the major part of its exports. The country, has one of the best policies among many other nations, for the reason that apart from being the second richest country in Europe, it is a country which has significantly reduced it’s poverty and differences in income. The country is on the slot two in this list as it has a GDP of 69,249 American Dollars.

1. Luxembourg

Richest Countries of Europe

Luxembourg is country situated in Western Europe and is also known officially as Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a sovereign country of Europe and its currency is Euro. It is one of the developed countries and the country with stable economy. It provides it’s citizens with on of the best living qualities of the world. The Iron and Steel Industry of the country functions as the backbone of the economy. It makes to this list as it is one of the highest GDP which is based on the purchasing power parity of 104,003 US Dollars.

These have been some of the richest economies of Europe. Based on the Gross Development Progress that is too based on Purchasing Power Parity, this is the sorting order on which stands these countries. Not only these countries set an example for other countries but also give them a direction.