Top 10 Richest Countries in The World

It is true that the world is leading towards becoming a global village, some countries are showing remarkable progress in economy. The States which are developed are due to their policies and responsible citizens which enables them to be one of the richest States in the world.

Here, is the list of top 10 richest countries of the world who have been successful throughout the year in order to stabilise their economy to make it through this list.

Here is the list of Top 10 Richest countries in The World in 2018

10. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Top Most Famous Richest States of The World 2017

Hong Kong is one of the States that has made to this list with a GDP of 61,020 USD per person. The currency of the state is Hong Kong dollar. In 1983, it was pegged to US dollar. Hong Kong is the world’s eleventh largest trading city. Hong Kong is the 8th most expensive place for the expatriates. It also has a strong grip over tourism, so strong that it is the eleventh most popular destination for the tourists worldwide. These all and other many achievements of Hong Kong have brought it to here.

9. Switzerland


Switzerland is a sovereign state situated in West Central Europe. It comes under the federal republic of Europe. Its currency is Swiss Franc. Switzerland has the population of 8.3 million and is one of the most beautiful places in this country. It was declared as the world’s happiest nation in the year, 2005. Switzerland has made to this list with a GDP of 61,360 USD per person. Moreover, it has the record of having highest nominal wealth product.

8. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates is the federation of seven States, situated in the South East of Arabian Peninsula. The total population of UAE comprises to 9,400,000. Its main language is Arabic. The capital of Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi whereas Dubai is the largest city. The currency used here is UAE Dirham. The oil reserves of UAE form up to the seventh largest in the world. It is one of the richest States in the world in 2018 due to gross GDP of 68,250 USD per person.

7. Kuwait


Kuwait, officially known as the State of Kuwait, is located in Western Asia. Its official language is Arabic. It’s currency is Kuwaiti Dinar. Kuwait is an economically strong country which has the world’s sixth largest oil reserves, and is stated for that. Kuwait ranks on the top most position in human development index. Kuwait also accounts for the fourth highest per capita income. Kuwait has the GDP of 69,670 which makes it amongst the richest countries of the world.

6. Norway


Norway is also known as the Kingdom of Norway and has Oslo as its capital. Its currency is Norwegian Krone. It has large reserves of Petrol, Natural Gas, Lumber, Seafood, Hydropower, Fresh water and other significant resources. It is the country with 4th highest per capita index in the world. It is the largest producer of oil in the world outside Middle east. The country stands amongst other richest countries of the world in 2018 with per person GDP of 70,590 USD.

5. Iceland


Iceland is a state situated in North Atlantic Ocean. The currency used in Iceland is Icelandic Krona. Reykjavik is the capital and largest city of Iceland which is situated in North Atlantic Ocean. It is the fifth most productive country of the world by GDP. Iceland is also the world’s largest electricity producer per capita. It is the country with one of the least differences in the incomes among its citizens. The citizens of Iceland survives the second best quality of life. It breaks into the list of richest states of the world with the GDP of 72,630 USD per person.

4. Brunei


Brunei is a sovereign state, officially known as nation of Brunei. The capital of the State is Bander Seri Begawan. The language spoken here is Malay. The period years between 1999 to 2008, witnessed the huge commercial growth in the country, with GDP growth to 56%. Brunei is being transformed into an international hub for travel. Crude oil and Natural Gas makes up for 90% of its economy. The country has GDP of 76,630 USD which makes it up to the top richest countries  in the world of 2018.

3. Singapore


Singapore, is an enough famous place not to need any introduction. It is officially known as republic of Singapore. The currency used here, is Singapore Dollar. It is slowly transforming into a global commerce and transport hub. It is the nation which has third highest GDP per capita. It ranks fifth on the human development index. It is also known as the most innovative and the second freest economy of the world. It is the least corrupt nation of the world and all these facts leads up to the list of richest countries with a GDP of 90,530 USD per capita.

2. Luxembourg


Luxembourg is a state, situated in Central Europe. It is the smallest sovereign state. It ranks 13th in the index of economic freedom. It is a state whose citizens experiences the 4th best lifestyle i n the world. The State has managed to make it into the top 10 richest States of the world, though being the smallest sovereign state, with a gross development progress of 109,190 United States Dollars. Luxembourg is a state, which is an example for other states as well.

1. Qatar

Qatar Top Most Popular Richest States of The World 2018

Qatar, is a state which is popularly known for its high rising buildings. It is located in Western Asia. The capital of the state is Doha. The language used in the country is Arabic as official language. The country is best known as it is the richest country in the world. It is the leading exporter in the world in terms of liquefied natural gas. The country has the lowest tax rates comparative to all over the world. Qatar has made it to be in the richest state in the world of the year 2018 with a GDP rate as high as 124,930 American Dollars per person.

These were the nations which have made it to the richest nations of the world in the year 2018 due to their unmatched policies and successful implementation which has appeared as a role model for rest of the world.

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