Drug Lords have forever been part of the history of the world because of their planning and attitude. They are ruthless and all that they are concerned about is profit. There are some drug lords who are as famous as politicians and are legendary names that invoke terror in certain countries.

There are many countries with great drug lords who are famous and rich personalities. The reason these drug lords have so much power is that their money is also a part of the world economy, and it comes up to a huge amount if added up. Here is the list of top 10 richest drug lords in the world in 2019.

10. Ismael Garcia

Richest Drug Lords 2019

Ismael Zambada Garcia is an old name in this field. He had been controlling cartels for a long time. He was in business with the name of El Mayo Zambada, when he used to run a cartel alongside El Chapo in the most troubled country of those days, Mexico. He continued with his own empire and kept on making money for himself until El Chapo was captured in 2017. He now leads to the entire cartel in place of Chapo and transports cocaine, other narcotics, and guns into the United States. The major money of his empire comes out of all the cocaine and narcotics sold. He has a private submarine for himself which shows his power. His riches have no bounds and dealings are done all over the world.

9. Richard Ross

Richest Drug Lords

Born Richard Donald Ross, he started his work in the field of selling drugs from college. This is where it all started since he could not secure the tennis scholarship he wanted and needed a lot of money. He had to sell drugs to earn a living and thus started under the name Freeway Rick Ross. He currently transports cocaine and major narcotics and guns that have high profits and high demands. His assets were recently known to be of about $52 million which has come up in his own autobiography.

8. George Jung

Richest Drug Lords

He is a veteran both in skills and age in the field of drug trafficking. He was a shining name even back during the 1970s and had the business of transporting cocaine and other narcotics mostly. There is a movie made after his name which proves his fame as a drug trafficker. He was held for drug trafficking and spent 20 years in prison. He has assets of about $100 million because of such a long time spent in this business.

7. Rafael Quintero

Richest Drug Lords

Ismael Rafael Caro Quintero is another cartel boss. He is a druglord from Mexico who founded a cartel with some other members. He co-founded the Guadalajara cartel which had the main business of trafficking drugs into the United States from Mexico and most of the narcotics they transported were marijuana. He reportedly killed a person for which he was jailed, but since he was released four years back, he has continued in his place in the cartel and is constantly doing business. They have a prize money over his head with his name being placed on the Most Wanted list.

6. Joaquin Loera

Richest Drug Lords

This is the person who has hit the news bulletin as one of the most famous druglords of all time. His full name is Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera but people in Mexico know him for another name due to his growing business in drug trafficking. He is famous with the name El Chapo. He had the business of transportation of cocaine, other narcotics, and guns that were sent to the United States. He was captured by the DEA but the untold assets of El Chapo are still a mystery.

5. Carlos Rivas

Richest Drug Lords

Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas is a very famous drug lord who has been working since the 60s. He is from American Columbia, where he dealt with marijuana and cocaine. He led a luxurious life as the founder of Medellin cartel. He stole cars at his early life and later controlled a wholesome cartel of cocaine. He is presently in jail with a 55-year imprisonment but has 2.7 billion dollars worth of assets.

4. Gilberto Orejuela

Richest Drug Lords

Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela is another drug lord from American Colombia. He founded a Cali cartel with his brother. He dealt mostly with marijuana and a cocaine cartel and then led a great luxurious future. He supplied cocaine directly to Europe and the United States. He is one of the most famous druglords from the time Cali cartel came into being. Though he has $3 billion, he is presently serving a 30-year term in jail.

3. Ochoa Vasquez Brothers

Richest Drug Lords

These are three brothers who together started the Medellin cartel. They have been very active in the past years and were dealing in marijuana and cocaine. In fact, they were people who are ruthless in their business and have more violence and crimes more than the people of Cali cartel. They were caught on various cases and have been going in and out of prison. The assets they have about $6 billion of worth. They have also been involved in certain terrorism activities.

2. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

Richest Drug Lords

Dawood Ibrahim is an India born criminal mastermind. He is one of the most wanted criminals in the world with many police agencies looking for him and his people. He reportedly gave money to help with a blast that happened in Mumbai. He deals in drugs and with that is actively involved in other weapon sales and trafficking, match-fixing, and some other crimes too. He is declared a global terrorist and wanted by the Interpol. Presently his worth stands at $6.7 billion.

1. Frank Lucas

Richest Drug Lords

Frank Lucas is a person from the United States, who started his drug dealings just to help get some money. Thus, he started dealing with mainly heroine. He ran the drug empire between New York and South East Asia. His empire is built on the dealings of marijuana, cocaine, and also heroine. He has a lot of dealings in heroine and introduced heroine for the first time in the drug market. He has also spent 12 years in prison for the crimes he committed and presently has $52 billion worth of assets.

The riches of the drug lords have no bounds since it consists of the money they get from transportation and sale of drugs. There are some facilities they have with which they can easily transport a lot of drugs that help in building up their assets. The most important part is that since their business is illegal the dealings actually have no limits, which can have a huge impact on the economy of certain countries. Economies function on the backbone of money and these drug lords get rich siphoning off these funds.