Game designing has become a trending profession recently with many coding experts and system developers starting their career in game designing. There are many game developing companies growing their technology because of the increasing demand for games all around.

The games made right now have great graphics which are due to the advanced technology and also the advanced ways of building it by the game designers. Game designing takes a lot of time and a perfect game can hit the market like a blockbuster movie. Thus there are enough choices in game designing around the world. Checkout the list of top 10 richest game designers in the world in 2019.

10. Square Enix

Richest Game Designers 2019

This is a great place for gaming opportunity which has made many gamers happy with the countless games they have created. The games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are very famous in the world. The Final Fantasy has a high rate of selling millions of copies and was listed in best selling category of games. Thus, with the enormous sales of the company they bought a smaller gaming company Eidos Interactive. Thus the famous Tomb Raider games also came under their company. They have a team of great designers and have a total valuation of $1.26 billion.

9. Ubisoft

Richest Game Designers

This is a great company from France that has made their mark in the gaming industry. People are constantly working on the future laden technology of gaming. They started with designing of Everquest. Then came the other games like Assasin’s Creed series, Prince of Persia series, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and those games became international bestsellers. They have developed games with great designers from the world and presently reached a valuation of $1.85 billion.

8. Konami

Richest Game Designers

Konami has been in the gaming world for a long time and they have built some specific kind of games. They are great manufacturers of slot machines, trading cards and most importantly arcade games. They have an action series of games like Metal Gear and also Castlevania and Silent Hill which are best selling games around the world. The company has made $3.24 billion out of the copies they sold and also the slot machine building business that they are best at.

7. Electronic Arts or EA

Richest Game Designers

EA games is simply a common name among the gamers. They are by far one of the most popular gaming brands in the world. They have produced many popular games like Need For Speed, Command and Conqueror, Fifa series and not to forget, the Sims. There are great games for PlayStation and Xbox that the expert designers have built there. EA games have also produced Star Wars. The total valuation of the company now stands at $4.14 billion.

6. Namco Bandai

Richest Game Designers

The company Namco Bandai was made after a merger between two companies from Japan. They have been a tough competition for other companies since then when they made record-breaking series on Tekken and Naruto. They started making better-gaming wing the team of expert designers who have given a new look to the anime gaming. They have a valuation of $4.74 billion and are enriched with expert professionals adding more technology to gaming.

5. Activision Blizzard

Richest Game Designers

Activision has been in the gaming business for long and with a merger with Vivendi games the company turned Activision Blizzard and they have developed some world famous games that people play even now. These games have made a mark in their sales as well. They have made action games like Call of Duty series and also Halo series, which are new age games. They have a great franchise of about World of Warcraft. Thus they have prepared a great value of $4.85 billion with the million-copy sales.

4. Sega

Richest Game Designers

Sega is a great company in game developing and has given the world games like Sonic and Mario. They have made partnerships with Nintendo and have been the single body producer of series named Sonic, which kids play like crazy. This is why they have increased sales all over the world. The amount of games and animations produced by them includes $4.9 billion and a great number of designing experts.

3. Nintendo

Richest Game Designers

This company is a 125-year-old organisation that has a great history of starting with producing playing cards and then from there became video game developers. The famous games made by them include super Mario brothers include. The company has also brought forward blockbuster games like Pokemon Go that is a hot favourite right now all around the world. They have a great number of people working on producing better gaming technology and the whole valuation resulted in $6.28 billion.

2. Microsoft Studios

Richest Game Designers

The Microsoft studios is a sector of technology giant Microsoft and they have the games made for Windows OS and Windows phone and those games prepared by them are great because there is a great variety in the type of games. The Halo franchise has made this company secure a lot of asset with the million number of copies sold by them around the world. They have a great valuation of $12.82 billion which has resulted in more advancement in gaming structures and never getting limited to designed consoles.

1. Sony Computer Entertainment

Richest Game Designers

Sony is another company in the modern technology business and has dome great names associated with the company. They have names like God of War, Gran Turismo associated with them that are played even now around the world. The God of war is the only game to have stayed on the top list of action games for a long 6 months, which proves the fame of ut among gamers. They have a total valuation of around $13.4 billion and are richest designers of games in the world.

The valued game designers around the world have made these companies famous in all respect with regard to the modern technology used in gaming and the multiple opportunities that people have on the modern age gaming. The games are getting out of control from consoles to the virtual reality and these facilities are being put forward by new age game designs. The designs have made a great mark in the world of gamers. The millions of copies sold and fame of gaming has made the companies that much famous around the world.


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