Although they might not form a very significant part of the population, pastors are in fact extremely important people. They lead social movements that actually bring about a change in the society, bring together men and women from different communities to work together for a better purpose.

Moreover, they are also often a part of two events that our very integral to our lives – marriages and funeral. But in spite of these religious work, they earn their fair share. So here are the top 10 richest pastors of 2019.

10. Joseph Prince

Richest Pastors 2019

Born in Singapore in the year 1963, Joseph Prince was one of the Founder’s of the New Creation Church in Singapore and is also one of the senior judges there. He posts a lot of his videos online, thus being one of the most tech-savvy pastors in a long time. His father was a Sikh priest while his mother was Chinese. He has also published several books as well, the most famous one being ‘Destined to Reign.’ He was initially an IT consultant, although he later figured that it was religion that he wanted to show all his devotion towards. Known to have a net worth of $5 million, he has a following from over 150 countries.

9. T.B. Joshua

Richest Pastors

T.B. Joshua is a Nigerian pastor, best known as the leader and founder of the Church of All Nations – The Synagogue. He has done a lot of humanitarian work, which included community support, scholarships, support for migrants and deportees and many other things for the betterment of the human race. He was awarded the National Honor in 2008 by the Nigerian Government as well as the Ambassador of Peace. With a net worth of $10 Million, he is very famous in the continent of Africa. Joshua also has a YouTube channel with over 600 thousand subscribers and has a place among top 50 Influential men in Africa.

8. Billy Graham

Richest Pastors

Known as ‘America’s Pastor,’ Billy Graham currently has a net worth of $25 Million. He was born in the year 1918, making him one of the oldest pastors on the planet. He has played the role of pastors to several presidents as well as led Civil Rights and Lausanne movements. Graham has undoubtedly reserved his place in the world’s most admired men and women and continues to inspire many all over the world with his kind words and oratory skills.

7. Kenneth Copeland

Richest Pastors

Born in the year 1936 in Texas, United States of America, Kenneth Copeland has earned a value of $25 Million over the year as he is not only a pastor, but also an author, musician and a public speaker. He has several publications and recordings, including ‘From Faith to Faith’ and ‘Big Band Gospel.’ Owing to his loyal love for flying, he also owns a private jet that he often uses as his means of travel. He converted to Christianity in the year 1962, post which he focused all his attention to religion.

6. Creflo Dollar

Richest Pastors

Creflo Dollar currently has a net worth of $27 Million. He is known to be one of the flashiest ministers to date. He owns a Rolls Royce as well as a private jet, which was bought as a replacement to his old Gulfstream III. Dollar is best known for his teachings on the topic of prosperity, although he has often been criticised of many of his own actions.

5. E. A. Adeboye

Richest Pastors

A Nigerian pastor, Enoch Adeboye remains the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God. He initially worked on translating sermons from the language Yoruba to English. Adeboye is also the president of The Redeemed Christian Fellowship, which is a megachurch and denomination based in Nigeria itself. With a net worth of $39 Million, he has done a lot of good for his home country and continues to do the same. He is also known to be in the top 50 Most powerful people in the world in 2008.

4. Benny Hinn

Richest Pastors

Benny Hinn, best known for his ‘Miracle Crusades’ currently has a net worth of $42 Million and moved to the United States from his home town in Israel. He has successfully formed a rather trusted and reliable set of followers in both Canada and the US. Benny Hinn is now an America Televangelist, and claims often that he empowers ‘faith healing.’ His published works include The Blood and Good morning, Holy Spirit. Hinn currently supports a lot of victims and supports several missions all over the world.

3. Chris Oyakhilome

Richest Pastors

A Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome founded Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated which is also known as Christ Embassy at times. This church has over 40 thousand members which includes entrepreneurs and politicians as well. He runs several NGOs such as Inner city Missions for Children, Rhapsody of Realities and so much more and has the aim to reach to the entire world through its branches. Moreover, he owns three television channels through which he conveys his teachings to all his followers through nightly events.

2. T.D. Jakes

Richest Pastors

Thomas Dexter Jakes, born in 1957 in West Virginia, United States is not simply a pastor. He also is an author, talk show host as well as a filmmaker. Initially, he used to simply work in local industries but over time he took up a job as a part-time preacher, which developed his interest and he finally decided that religion is what he would focus on. He has been awarded awards for his album such as the ‘Best Gospel Album’ in the year 2003. He has also published several writings such as His Lady and Intimation with God.

1. David Oyedepo

Richest Pastors

With a net worth of $150 Million, David Oyedepo from Nigeria is the founder of the Ministry named Living Faith World Outreach. He is also the head of the largest church in the world – Winners’ Chapel. Along with this, he is also the Chancellor of Covenant as well as Landmark University. His teachings most follow the ‘Word of Faith’ movement. David Oyedepo has published over 70 books by now which include ‘Satan get Lost’ and ‘Breaking the curses of life.’ David Oyedepo Day of Service is an initiative that focuses on his lifestyle- it continues to inspire many in over 300 cities all over the world.

Known to be one of the noblest jobs among all, pastors are highly lucrative, inspirational, educational and faithful to their work. Since a large population of Christians hold tight to their religion and are always ready to spend a high value of money for the same, being a pastor is a pretty high earning job, in context of both money and respect.