Did you know that the richest people in the world have a staggering amount of wealth greater or equivalent to the GDP of some countries in the world? Most of these world’s wealthiest people such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates have made their wealth themselves and just had to turn a small idea to a billion dollar fortune in a couple of years. Others like the Koch Brothers even though they inherited the businesses they have done a lot of work in the company to turn it into a billion-dollar industry today.

In the world, today we have got around 2,000 billionaires and from the look of things in 2019 the number will be higher. So, the question is who as of today holds the crown as the king of kings in the billionaire kingdom? Here is the list of top 10 richest people in the world today as of 2019.

10. David Koch: $48.3 billion

Richest People in The World 2019

David Hamilton Koch the co-owner and executive vice president of Koch industries who is also a chemical engineer controls the 2nd biggest privately held company by returns in the U.S. together with his brother they bought the shares of their brothers Fredrick and William to gain control of their fathers company Koch industries. The company is well known to deal with consumer products, chemical technology, fertilizers, refineries, pipelines, fibers and polymers among other products.

9. Charles Koch: $48.3 billion

Richest People in The World

Currently Charles is the chairman and the CEO of the 2nd biggest private company by returns in the united states of America Koch Industries. Charles Koch and his brothers inherited the company from their father who died in 1967 a man hailed for inventing the method of turning heavy oil into gasoline. Today Charles Koch and his brother David Koch own 42% stake on the company as they bought the company from their brothers Fredrick and William for $1.1 billion in 1983. Today the company deals with refineries, pipelines, chemical technology, consumer products such as Brawny paper towels, fertilizers, fibers and polymers such as Stainmaster carpets.

8. Michael Bloomberg: $52 billion

Richest People in The World

Former New York mayor a businessman is currently our 8th richest billionaire in our list. He is the co-founder of Bloomberg L.P a global financial services, software and mass media company. Michael owns 88% stake of the company which has which an annual revenue of $9 billion. recently he donated $4 billion to gun control and climate change.

7. Larry Ellison: $60 billion

Richest People in The World

The co-founder of one of the largest software firms on earth that deals with customer relationship management database Oracle is our seventh richest man on the planet. He has been the CEO for oracle till 2014 but today he is the chairman and chief technology officer of the company. Larry wealth has all been contributed by the success of his database company.

6. Carlos Slim: $68 billion

Richest People in The World 2019

Did you know that Carlos was once the world richest man? Today Carlos is at position 6 which is a shock as for dozen years he has been among top 5 richest billionaires, but this young tech star has trailed him and caught up with him. Carlos is the richest most wealthiest man in Mexico and he controls Movil the biggest mobile telecom firm, he has also stakes at mining, foreign telecom, construction, real estate, consumer goods companies and many other investments.

5. Mark Zuckerberg: $73 billion

Richest People in The World

For the very first time the Facebook founder and the CEO has found his way to the top 5 list of the richest billionaires this after his fortune rose with $11.4 billion in the last 12 months. Marks wealth has grown tremendously as investors are scrambling to buy his social network stock. The future looks bright for Zuckerberg who has already learnt that making the planet more connected can be a highly lucrative endeavour.

4. Amancio Ortega: $78 billion

Richest People in The World

We can comfortably say this is the richest European man and the wealthiest retailer in the world today. Just the other day in 2016 he was the second richest man in the world but he was unable to keep up with the outsize gains of fellow billionaires as he only made $4.3 billion and hence he slipped to the fourth position. Amancio is a cofounder of Zara parent Inditex and every year he makes around $400m in dividends. He has invested in real estate in Miami New York, Madrid Barcelona London Chicago and many other places.

3. Warren Buffett: $85 billion

Richest People in The World

Since Donald Trump became the president, Warren has had one of the best years as he gained $14.8 billion which was just enough to place him at the third position in this matrix of billionaires. For those who aren’t aware who Warren is this is the most successful investor of all time and he goes by the name “Oracle of Omaha”, “Wizard” and “sage”. This man owns more than 60 companies and some of them are Dairy Queen, Duracell, Geico among others.

2. Bill Gates: $92 billion

Richest People in The World

The world’s 2nd richest man who has taken the crown as the king in the billionaire club has been named this year 2nd most richest person, a title of Most Richest Man of the world he has won over the last four years consecutively and for the past 23 he has been crowned most richest 18 times. Today the Microsoft founder which is the largest PC software company in the world has a fortune of $92 billion.

1. Jeff Bezos: $140 billion

Richest People in The World 2019

He is the chairman, founder and the CEO of amazon the world’s largest eCommerce site. Surprisingly on 27th July 2017 for just 4 hours only Jeff Bezos was the world richest man and this came as a result of Amazons climbing stock price which boosted his fortune to $140 billion. Slipping down to number two wasn’t the only misfortune Bezos had that night as he lost $6 billion when Amazon stock plunged when the company earnings report was read and currently he stands at $140 billion and no.1 spot in this list of Richest Man 2019.

These are the top 10 richest men in the world in 2019. They have invested their money not only on one business many and the returns on investment have made them rich to the point they are today. On of the key lessons here is for you to be rich and wealthy you have to invest and let the money work for you.



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