Politics has always been the most controversial subject of multiple opinions in countries all over the world. People choose sides and keep changing them with every single change that occurs with the government.

For some people, to opinionated their thoughts in political issues might seem uninteresting and boring, because of which they stay out of gossiping about such. Another aspect of politics is that it makes sure the person in it basks in money, nevertheless how unsporting or corrupt they are. Given below are the top 10 richest politicians in the world as of 2019.

10. Silvio Berlusconi

Richest Politicians 2019

This Italian politician started his career started in a much pauperised way of life. He was a mere vacuum cleaner seller, and his meagre income was not even nearly enough to sustain his expenses. He then developed a new business, which began to progress rapidly, and by 1970, he has grown to an extent where he was invited to inaugurate a successful company’s launch. Soon enough, with extensive media coverage over his success, he became the member of the Italian parliament. His net worth stands at $7.8 billion.

9. Zong Qinghou

Richest Politicians

Zong Qinghouis one of the prestigious members of the Chinese National Council. In addition to being a politician, he is also the CEO of a reputed company in China. His net worth is currently $10.8 billion, most of which was earned through his business and not in politics specifically. He is also known to spend a lot on developing the natural resources of his country.

8. Vladimir Putin

Richest Politicians

He is one of the most infamously known Russian politicians, and is one of the richest politicians in the world. Having a net worth of $18.4 billion, he is reputed to have served the government of his country 3 times. During his second term as the Prime Minister, he was also the chairman of the ruling party, United Russia which brought him more fame and money, making him the richest person in Russia.

7. Sonia Gandhi

Richest Politicians

Having the nationality of 2 countries, Sonia Gandhi easily makes it among the richest politicians of the world. Having come from Italy, she married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 acquiring India’s nationality thereby. She came into politics after the death of her husband in 1991, upon which she became the leader of the Indian Congress almost immediately. Her net worth is at $19.2 billion currently.

6. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz

Richest Politicians

His net worth is around $21 billion, which is almost entirely from the famously reputed oil wells and resources of the Sheikhs. Being the king of Saudi Arabia, he literally thrives in richness, working for his country to give better standards of education to people. His education and bringing up has been carried out entirely in the royal court of Saudi Arabia, after which he was titled as the king in 2005. He also controls the minister of councils and is the acting Prime Minister of the country, under whose orders the National Guard functions.

5. Serge Dassault

Richest Politicians

This French politician is not only the chairperson of the reputed Dassault group, but is also the Senator. He has always been neck-deep in social work and has gained a favourable position among the citizens of the country due to his quite rich background. His net worth is around $8 billion, and a significant part of his wealth is contributed to health-care and social activities like Cancer treatments or other ailments for young people.

4. Savitri Jindal

Richest Politicians

She is the second richest woman of India, the sixteenth richest Indian and the fourth richest politician in the world. In addition to being a member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly, she is also the chairperson of Jindal Steel & Power Limited. She has her net worth at $13.2 billion, and has been in the political line for only 5 years.

3. Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Richest Politicians

He is nothing but the president of Abu Dhabi, and is the head of the Abu Dhabi Investment Fund. He has singularly been controlling $97.8 million worth of reserves of oil in Abu Dhabi. His net worth is at $19 billion, and he is supposedly the chairman of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority which has turned almost $875 billion in assets. His family is reputed to have a net worth of $150 billion as a whole, placing him on the top among the richest politicians in the country.

2. Hassanal Bolkiah

Richest Politicians

He is the Sultan of Brunei and is reported to have been maintaining numerous resources of gas and oil since as long back as 1967 itself. This Sultan is believed to own almost 8000 cars, for which he has more than $789 million overall and his net worth is at $20 billion. Being also the Minister of Defense, he is the utmost commander of Royal Brunei Armed Forces and is also the Honorary Admiral of The Royal Navy Fleet. He was declared the Prime Minister and President of Brunei in 2004, after which he reopened the Legislative Council, which was once dissolved.

1. Michael Bloomberg

Richest Politicians

He is from the USA, and is currently the richest politician in the world. This Harvard educated business genius actually came into the line of business first, before entering into politics. He is now the director of the company for news and information about economy of the country and has strived hard as the mayor of New York City to introduce various development projects for the city’s wellbeing. His net worth stands above all others, in the top at $37.2 billion which was reported to have seen an excessive growth in the past couple of years, and he is also known to have contributed for various medical research, education and arts for the people.

As already said, politics sure does bring one up to the pinnacles of prosperity if dealt correctly, or pushes him deep into debacles, if gone wrong. These aforementioned people have not only acquired so much wealth in politics, but have also gained the trust and support of people they represent, which one might say, is the most prudent aspect of politics above all.