A large fraction of the terrorist groups exists to function against the government with their own agendas. They are usually not overlooked by any policies or rules to follow. They are presented with the liberty to act using any means in order to meet their demands.

The ideology of these groups poses a great threat to the mankind. But to make their move for their agendas, they would need financial support and backing as money acts as the fuel to any and every organisation. Immediate cash is used to fund the activities of these groups like weapons and training instrument for the manpower along with other necessary things.

Here are the top 10 richest terrorist groups in the world in 2019. Some even have their wealth equal to that of the top industrialists and businessmen.

10. Irish Republican Army

Richest Terrorist Groups 2019

They exist with a conviction that all of Ireland should become a free republic. They have had their presence from the 19th century and are composed of a few armed expansions of Ireland. Through the interviews of middlemen and counter-terrorism agencies, their annual turnover can be estimated at $50 million. They are able to amass this wealth through a lot of illegal operations like drugs and weapons marketing, extortions and wars. Their activities mainly oppose the British army and the police force of Northern Ireland.

9. The Naxalites

Richest Terrorist Group

This is an Indian terrorist group which is connected to the communist party of India. A Naxal is person from the communist section of the Indian country. Because of its connection with the political sector and the government the group has been able to amass quite the money. They have a net worth of about $70 million and this was possible the illegal operations which they conduct both inside and outside the country.

8. Boko Haram

Richest Terrorist Group

This is an Islamic terror group which is situated in the northern region of Nigeria and also operates in Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon. It was first found by Mohammed Yusuf and it has now grown out to be the most deadliest of the lot. They have executed over 19000 people and have amassed a wealth of over $70 million dollars through their activities. The main agenda of this group is the creation of a new Islamic state in the country by the government.

7. Hezbollah

Richest Terrorist Group

This is a militant group found in the year of 1985 and operates in the southern region of Lebanon. The government of Lebanon has continued to support this organisation as it works against the invasion of Israel into Lebanon since its creation. They also have an active propagation system which includes a YouTube channel which is used to convey their messages and activities. They have a total worth of over $200 million which is generated through drug trafficking and money laundering through illegal banking.

6. The Hamas

Richest Terrorist Group

They are the largest and the richest terror group in the world. The Hamas were found in the year of 1987 in the Palestine region. They have been accused of several civilian in the area because of their constant war against the Israeli soldiers. They have a total worth of about $1 billion earned through drug and weapons marketing, bombings and other illegal operations.

5. Lashkar-e-Taiba

Richest Terrorist Group

This is one of the deadliest terrorist group in the world which was founded in the year 1987 in the Kunar province of Afghanistan. They consider themselves as the armed rebels in the name of Allah and believe to serve for the righteousness as their name translates in Urdu. This group also has the support of Pakistan and is accused of several terror activities in India including those in Jammu & Kashmir and the 2008 Mumbai bombings. Due their militant attacks and bombings and other illegal operations, they were able to gain a wealth of about $100 million.

4. Al-Qaeda

Richest Terrorist Group

This is one of the infamous terrorist group which was found by the infamous billionaire Osama Bin Laden in the year 1988. This supports various other terror groups and Islamic groups like Taliban, Tehrik-i-Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba etc. in other Islamic regions like Pakistan and Uzbekistan. This group has been held responsible for several outbreaks of war in various parts of the world. Their funds were usually accounted for the wealth of their leader Bin Laden but they also raised money through heroine trafficking and illegal operations. They have a total wealth of about $200 million and remain one of the richest terrorist groups in the world.

3. Taliban

Richest Terrorist Group

This organisation was formed by a group of students in the year 1994 in Afghanistan. Taliban has its operating bases at Kandahar, Quetta, and Peshawar in Afghanistan and Pakistan respectively. They have inflicted over 60000 casualties because of their destructive activities and executions. According to the analysts, the Taliban group has amassed over $500 million in the account of their terrorist activities. They have also raised money in the form of protection money from tech companies and as taxes from the farmers. Hence they remain as one of the richest terrorist groups in the world.


Richest Terrorist Group

The Revolutionary armed forces of Columbia was found in the year of 1964 and has remained to be one of the most powerful terror groups in the world. They have used a lot of militant tactics and other methods it gains more power and wealth. They manage to earn over $600 million through illicit drug dealings and other operations like extortions and bombings. These groups consist of both men and women holding equal positions inside the structure and it functions as an ideal Leninist workforce.


Richest Terrorist Group

This is the most infamous terrorist group in the world which was founded in the year 1999 in the Greater Syria. This is a very widespread organisation consisting of a large number of members and wealth. This was formed with an agenda to show their community’s superiority and to work against the Islamic forces in Iraq and Syria. They have also spread through publicising beheading images and videos of prisoners of war and other civilians. Their main source of income is in the form of tax levied from crude oil and findings from other terrorist groups.

These are some of the deadliest group of people in the world who are infamously known for their destructive activities. Yet they were able to make a lot of money to support their operation though they were done through illegal means.


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