Villages have known to be the earliest form of civilisation. They form the basic unit of modern civilisation. Villages can be defined as ‘settlement usually larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town’ but over the years the definition of village has seen variations and has been redefined with the growing urbanisation. Villages have seen technological advancements which has made life in these rural areas easier. Here is a list of top ten richest villages in world 2019.

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10. Shani Shingnapur

Richest Villages 2019

Shani Shingnapur is a small village located in Maharashtra, India. The village is spread over an area of 82.36 km. This village is famous for its houses which does not have a single door although it has wooden frames fitted at the entrance. The crime rate in this village is extremely low and that is the reason why it also has a ‘lockless’ bank. Shani Shingnapur derives its name from the Shrine of Shani which is also considered as a tourist attraction. The village is considered as one of the richest village in the world in 2019 because of the almost zero crime rate and revenue it collects from tourism.

9. Dharnai

Richest Village

Dharnai is beautiful village in Bihar, India which has seen a steep rise in technology advancements in the last decade. The village has successfully incorporated solar energy to generate enough power to meet the needs of the entire village. Dharnai is the first village which is the completely solar powered. As the entire village is completely dependent on solar energy, the cost of generating energy from fossil fuels is cut down. Dharnai is considered as one of the richest village in the world and ranks as the fourth richest village this year.

8. Huaxi Village

Richest Village

Huaxi Village is considered as the richest village in China and globally it ranks as the third richest village in the world in 2019. This village inhabits multiple sector industries and the villagers are the shareholders of these industries thus the individual income of the villagers is well above the standard income of any regular citizen of the country.

7. Punsari

Richest Village

A village in Gujarat, India has all the facilities found in a developed city starting from regular transport services to solar panelled installation. The village Punsari has seen digitisation and the villagers are eligible for medical insurances. The urbanisation that this village has seen over the past few years has made it the second richest village in the world in 2019.

6. Hiware Bazar

Richest Village

Hiware Bazar in Maharashtra, India is the richest village in the world in 2019. The village has some of the richest families in Maharashtra. The village is famous for its water conservation and irrigation system. Hiware Bazar has been able to adapt to the modern technology for conserving water and fight droughts which are common in this region. The successful implementation of these programs has given this village a global recognition making it the richest village in India as well as in the world this year.

5. Kokrebellur

Richest Village

Kokrebellur is a village located in southern part of India. The village is considered as one of the richest village in the world. The village inherits a bird sanctuary which is a part of a heritage of the state of Karnataka. The birds are a part of the lives of the villagers who benefit from the droppings of these birds to get manure for their crops. The birds also attract tourists which add to the revenue of the village and thus it ranks as the fifth richest village in the world in 2019.

4. Marog

Richest Village

A beautiful village in foothills of Himalayas Marog is one of the richest village in the northern part of India. This village is blessed with plenty fertile land and green pastures. The village has a reputation for being the largest producer of apples in India. The farms of this village supply apples to some of the biggest juice companies in the world. Owing to its contracts to such international companies, Marog ranks as the fourth richest village this year.

3. Khetwadi

Richest Village

Khetwadi, a village located in the state of Maharashtra, is considered as the most economically developed village in India. This village is a perfect example of well planned sector for any society. With well constructed roads and an average income in every household, this village is a model for the future of other villages in the country. The village also ranks as the third richest village in the world in 2019.

2. Pothanikkad

Richest Village

Pothanikkad a small village in Kerala , India ranks as the second richest village in the world in 2019. Despite being a village and moderately populated, the villagers have attained a hundred percent literacy rate and has created a record. The educational background that every house in the village boasts quite naturally makes them the richest village in the southern part of India.

1. Baldia

Richest Village

Baldia located in Gujarat, India is the richest village in the world in 2019. The village has been subjected to urbanisation in the last decade which has resulted in a development in all sectors from telecommunications to well constructed roads and transport. The village has a smooth supply of water and electricity. The facilities that the villagers enjoy are proof enough of Baldia’s wealth. The estimated deposit of the villagers is around twelve crores.

Villages are a small settlements which were were the building blocks of any civilisation. The rural areas inhabits such settlements which function as an individual body and have a separate governing system of itself. The villages are an important part whose existence determines the future of the urban sectors in any country. Because of this reason, along with the efforts of the villagers these villages have seen developments in various fields . The list of the richest village in the world in 2019 shows how these developments have resulted in the prosperity of these villages and have given them a global recognition.


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