A town sustains a livelihood which is not as expensive as a life in the city and again it is not as cheap as the one that exists in village. The town makes it easy to survive on a moderate income. The job opportunities are progressive here. The towns usually inhibits a couple of hundred families. But there are towns where the count is pretty less and the life here has not seen progress for years now. These are very small towns which has been deserted by mankind due to unavailability of resources. The list below shows the top ten smallest towns in the world in 2019.

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10. Cooladdi, QLD

Smallest Towns in the World 2019

The town has seen prosperity and wealth both. The inhabitants of this town had a happening social life with a stable job. However, Cooladdi has only three families who are also interrelated thus all falling under the same family tree . The decline of population was caused when the railway and the road to Charleville were simultaneously closed making the town lose its main connectivity. The town’s major population chose to resettlement when gradually the town’s importance was lost in the commented cities. Only a few people stayed behind. The town can be traced back to having a happening social life.

9. Cass , New Zealand

Smallest Towns in the World

Cass is extremely popular for its annual ‘Cassbash’ festival. The town is flooded with people from different cities during the week it hosts the festival where there is a combination of music and food giving you the best of your holiday time. However apart from the festival, the town is completely deserted of entertainment and human souls . The only inhabitant here is the person who is in charge of the rail which connects the town with the cities. The rail is maintained by KiwiRail and they are the ones who hire people for the rail stretch.

8. La Estrella, Spain

Smallest Towns in the World

La Estrella is a very small town in the country side of Spain. The population count of this town presently is two. An old married couple are the only residents of this town for more than forty years. The couple has been made a living from beekeeping. They live quite a happy life here in this town which is completely at their own disposal.

7. Gross, USA

Smallest Towns in the World

If is hard to believe that US has a town which has only two people residing. The town inhabits a family of five members. However, the couple are the only ones who have stayed back. The couples make a living out of an Inn which is a popular Inn called the Nebraska Inn.

6. Betoota, QLD

Smallest Towns in the World

Betoota is a town where no living soul is residing presently. It is a small town in Australia which was quite a busy town once but now only has the remains of the once prospering town. The town has a hotel and a petrol pump station which has been not in use for years.

5. Port Douglas, Austria

Smallest Towns in the World 2019

Port Douglas is a beautiful town in Austria which also qualifies as one of the smallest towns in the world. The town has a population of 3,200. The clean beaches with the majestic mountains in the backdrop provides the best landscape for a weekend break with your family and friends.

4. Eze, France

Smallest Towns in the World

The population of the famous Eze town of France is only about three thousand. This small town is where the mountains kisses the shores of the beaches. With amazing architectures if the medieval ages, the place transports you back in time. The charm of this town lies in the botanical gardens.

3. Shirakawago, Japan

Smallest Towns in the World

This town is located in the laps of the mountains of Japan and has a very low count of heads residing here. The population here is about seventeen hundred .The town has been mostly isolated because of the extreme weather during winter. The survival of the local during the cold winters becomes life threatening. However, in the summer, Shirakawago is a beauty to behold. The green pastures provide a sustainable life for the natives of this place. Being located in the outskirts of rural Japan, the town is devoid of proper transportation facilities.

2. Riomaggiore , Italy

Smallest Towns in the World

The second smallest towns in the world is the famous town of Italy, Riomaggiore. The town has around inhabitants only 1,500 inhabitants. Despite being a major tourist spot of Italy the town maintains a low population count. The reason being the geographical location and isolation of this town from the major cities.

1. Hallstatt, Austria

Smallest Towns in the World

Hallstatt is the smallest town in the world whose total population is less than nine hundred. The crowd in the town is mostly created by the tourists who come to visit this beautiful place to for short stays. The perfect place for a small vaccination to enjoy the beauty of the Austrian alps. However, the town due to its uneven topography and rural setting has been deserted by the natives of this place in the past few years. The tourism sector is main source of income for most of the family settled in this part of Austria.

Towns support the most comfortable lifestyle. Not as posh as the city, town hosts the best residential lettings. These are places which still has fresh air and people hosts social gatherings which are almost obsolete in the urban sectors. The small pleasures of spending quality time with loved ones which are often lost in the hustle bustle of the city traffics are found here. These small towns are the best places where people flood in to get some fresh air and relax on long weekends.

The list above shows the top ten smallest towns in the world. Although being small, these towns have inherited some of the most amazing creations of nature. The serenity of these places is the energy that every soul craves for in the torments of the city life.


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