What goes into building a structure that rises a hundred floors? More than thousands of days, a workforce of a strength equivalent to the numbers of days taken for its construction and billions of dollars. Now, after years of evolution and claiming to be the most intelligent living species, humans have successfully dominated elements like wind and ground with their skyscrapers touching the sky. Not only are they of international pride for the countries they are built in, but also show how small building blocks can add up to something substantial and astounding. Here is a list of the top 10 tallest buildings in the world in 2019.

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10. CTF Finance Centre, China

Top Tallest Buildings 2019

The architecture of this tower is based on four of its main components, which involve a hotel, an office, a residential area and the crown. Along with its unique shape, it also holds a record for having two of the world’s fastest elevators, to assure comfort for all users who stay at the higher levels. With a height of 530 m, it towers high above all its surrounding buildings. But what keeps this building stable in spite of the strong winds at those heights are the well-crafted railings and parapets, which makes it an ideal combination of both design and beauty.

9. One World Trade Centre, USA

Top Tallest Building

Also known as Freedom Tower, this structure was made at the same place as the World Trade Centre, which was destroyed by terrorists in 2001. 546 m(1776 feet) including the tip, it stands tall as a proof of the struggles and hindrances overcome by the United States. It won the ‘Best Tall Building Award’ in 2015 for its “strong commitment to sustainability along with comfort for its users.” Constructed by one of the world’s best architects, one of its most unique feature is how the building plays with refracted lights and makes the surface look different every moment.

8. Makkah Royal Clock Tower, Saudi Arabia

Top Tallest Building

This royal, government-owned construction consists the largest clock face in the world, a hotel, a large prayer room, a mall and is surrounded by 6 other buildings that altogether form the Abraj Al-Bait. Its contemporary ambiance provides a bright contrast to the religious aspect of Mecca. Taking into consideration all its unique features and extravagant attributes, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is also the most expensive building in the world, costing up to an estimated 15 billion USD.

7. Shanghai Tower, China

Top Tallest Building

Shanghai tower holds the record of having the fastest elevator, which travels up to 18 meters per second. It is home to the highest observatory deck that is part of a building. An important feature of this building is how greenery was kept in mind which it was constructed and most of the water reused so as to maintain sustainability. The beautiful, twisted design of this 632 m building is an excellent view and hosts a wide range- from a museum to offices to hotels and many halls.

6. Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates

Top Tallest Building

Burj Khalifa was constructed by the same architect company as that of One World Trade Centre, Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. The design is based on a flower – Hymenocallis, which provides an insight into Islamic architecture. Standing at a height of 829.8 meters, it has won the “Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction, 2017” among many other prestigious awards. Thus, the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa attracts millions of people each year to witness its breath-taking beauty, along with an undefeated view for a long, long time.

5. International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong

Top Tallest Building

The International Commerce Centre, which took 8 years to be constructed, holds a record for the largest light and sound show to take place in just a building, which also happens to be its main attraction. It hosts one of the most distinguished financial institutions from all over the world. Originally, this building was to be of over 570 meters but due to legal issues under which skyscrapers would not be higher than the mountains around it, it had to settle for 484 meters. Its famous observatory is on the 100th floor and is known as Sky100.

4. Shanghai World Financial Centre, China

Top Tallest Building

The shape of Shanghai World Financial Centre resembles that of a prism and two arcs, which also happens to be the Chinese symbols that depict our planet and the sky above. Shanghai WFC serves as a center excelling in finances but also has the 3rd highest hotel in the world. It complements the growing corporate atmosphere of the city. Its structure is known to be “no short than genius.” With a height of 492 meters, it has won several awards including “Best Tall Building Overall” in 2008. The building also sports three observatories.

3. Taipei 101, Taiwan

Top Tallest Building

The Taipei 101 remained the tallest building in the world for many years until Burj Khalifa was built. It is famous for being the highest green building with a height of 509 m with 101 floors and won the award for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs” as well. It is only due to the use of strong concrete and steel that it is able to withstand the fast winds that blow at such a height. The building is known to be a hub for both the corporate world as well as the recreational one and features a lot of art all over.

2. Lotte World Tower, South Korea

Top Tallest Building

The Lotte World Tower is famous for its glass floor observatory which is the highest in the entire world, and the premium lounge, which is the second highest. The tower has a very contemporary and dignified design that adorns the skyline of Seoul. The building has a height of 555.7 meters with a lantern-shaped ceiling structure devised in a way that it can withstand strong winds and an earthquake up to 9 on a Richter scale; a feature both unique and staggering. This skyscraper which is the 5th highest in the world was constructed over a span of 5 years and now stands with a total of 129 floors.

1. Ping An Finance Centre, China

Top Tallest Building

Ping An Finance Centre is perhaps the most well connected, right in the heart of its city, Shenzhen. It’s tip, which is in the shape of a prism gives it an exquisite look. This high-rise building not only has corporate offices, but also shopping centers, conference halls as well as hotels. Being constructed in a region known to have a maritime climate, its construction involved mega-columns, giving it an aerodynamic feature and resistance to the loads. However, what makes this building unique is the fact that along with being the 4th highest building in the world, it also has the largest steel façade system in the entire world.

Thus, even though a building higher than the ones listed above seem to be unfathomable, with the ever-growing state of technology and people willing to invest their money in real estate, it wouldn’t be surprising if another skyscraper is heard of the coming few years. The sky has no limit, but there must be one for skyscrapers, owing to natural physical limitations. Until construction companies and architects reach this optimum high, there is no stopping the competition that exists for the tallest building in the world.


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