What do you mean by a leader? As per your knowledge, a leader is who leads his country sincerely with utmost discipline, determination and dedication. He governs the countrymen to the right path to do something constructive for own homeland. On the other hand, there are some so-called leaders who lack all the leadership qualities of a good leader. The unethical and cruel deeds of these worst leaders have harmed the respective countries in many ways. The dominating ruling periods have brought injustice to the people. They are also meant to be called worst monsters as they even are responsible for killing many people by using different harmful weapons.

Here is the list of the world’s worst leaders. They have been placed in this list according to their degrading deeds that have affected mankind severely.

10. Robert Mugabe

Worst World Leaders 2019

Robert Mugabe, the leader of the Zimbabwe African National Union, is the thirty six years old president of Zimbabwe. Main reason of Zimbabwe’s economic downfall is his ruthless management. By removing the rights of white landowners property, he has bought an overall blunder to agriculture and international trade. His racial outlook proves that he cannot be a good leader. He is an epitome of selfishness who does not think for his countrymen’s betterment.

9. Jacob Zuma

Worst World Leaders

Jacob Zuma, the current president of South Africa, has also become the president of African National Congress by defeating former leader Thabo Mbeki at Polokwane. Zuma has been involved in cases such as the South African Arms Deal fiasco, rape allegations and illegal money possessions. Zuma has a bad habit of singing the racist song “Umshini Wam” at every National meetings and social platforms. The song has a underlying meaning of “shoot the pink skins” that disrespects the White South Africans. This shows his no-care attitude to his countrymen. Major South Africans consider him as an corrupt personality who has benefited himself with his policies that have made the South Africans to suffer.

8. Julius Malema

Worst World Leaders

This man with the shiny bald forehead is referred as the “biggest political clown” of South Africa. He is none but the youth leader, Julius Malema who holds the tags of disruption, corruption and ill-mannerism. His pea-sized brain is filled with silly political tactics. His dressing sense is clown-like and hilarious that includes a Military side cap. Though Malema is the idol to his young supporters, his political career will end soon as its quite illogical.

7. Thaksin Shinawatra

Worst World Leaders

Thaksin Shinawatra, the Minister of Thailand, is one of the world’s worst leaders as he forcefully rules his countrymen. He misuses his power by changing the democracy and parliamentary systems of the current constitution for his own profit. He never looks for the well being of common people. He has done corrupted deeds and has hidden all those using his richness and power.

6. Hun Sen

Worst World Leaders

Cambodia is suffering from violence and corruption only because of the worst leader, Hun Sen who has misused his power as prime minister by violating human rights. During his ruling period, thousands of common people, journalists and opposition leaders have been killed in political attacks. He is really the worst leader who has done nothing to improve the health and education system of Cambodia. Rather he has been engaged himself into violations such as tortures, arrest, unnecessary bans on assemblies and so on.

5. Kim Jong-Un

Worst World Leaders

while the thousands of needy citizens work in poor conditions and suffering from food scarcity, investing a large amount of Korean currency in the meaningless development of Nuclear Weapons is one of the major negative aspects of Kim Jong-Un’s careless nature. He is considered as the most cruel leader who does not look after the welfare of common people, rather he has laid torturous rules and regulations that have violated basic human rights. The drastic leadership actions are the major catalysts to famine and disastrous status of the country.

4. Saddam Hussein

Worst World Leaders

Saddam Hussein openly used chemical weapons against native Kurds. He had not curbed his actions and even his own citizens were killed for his own ideological beliefs. He had hidden himself into a hole after performing crimes in the second Iraq-US War. In that war, his crimes were severe as they went against humanity and so he was sentenced to death on 30th December, 2006 in field of genocide of 148 Iraqi Shiites in Dujali in 1982.

3. Mao ZeDong

Worst World Leaders

Mao ZeDong, the famous contemporary Chinese leader, is an epitome of how a ruling body of a country can go into wrong path. ZeDong’s plan for taking the “great leap forward” to be equal to the power of the Soviet Union, has unfortunately made common people to die without food and over 6 million people has been imprisoned in hard prison camps. Thus his wrong actions in political field have ruined the social and economical position of China at that time.

2. Joseph Stalin

Worst World Leaders

The second world leader of all time is Joseph Stalin. The flow of communism was waived by him into the halls of Russian power. His cruel ideals brought the negative side of political ruling that included slaughter, famine, and massacre. He, as a member of Soviet bloc, was the maker of the Holodomor, a man made famine that occurred in Ukraine with number of deaths of 2.5 million to 7.5 million people.

1. Adolf Hitler

Worst World Leaders

Adolf Hitler will remain as the world’s worst leader as the history can not be erased. He was the German Politician and the leader of Nazi Party. He being the major hero of World War 2 ,created the Holocaust. His actions divided the nation into two. His political strategy was the worst as it killed millions of Jews. Thus these cruel actions of his made him one of the top 5 worst world leaders. Read the history of world wars to know about his deeds that had affected many common people then.

The list above consists of top 5 Worst World leaders. Is it not very shameful to have a leader in your country who is being categorised as worst leader? Yes it is. Everyone has a right to cast his own vote but while casting your vote you should be always judgemental because a leader is going to represent your country and is an important personality of your country. A leader is the determining factor that changes the fate of the country. So make a wise choice so that the new elected leader will be the right entity to improve the socio-economic status of the country.


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