The Stardom of Samuel L. Jackson began in the 80s. He has had a spectacular career with his movies grossing over $4.5 billion. This alone stands at $69 million per movie. He is a critically acclaimed superstar and the all-time highest box office superstar. He appeared in several TV shows before making his film debut.

The actor also did many stages plays in the mid-70s. He has delivered critically acclaimed roles for the movies Jungle Fever, Amos & Andrew, Jurassic Park, Star Wars trilogy, Snakes on a Plane and much more. The estimated net worth of Samuel L Jackson over the course of his career stands at $200 million. Let us find out how he managed to get that staggering figure.

Samuel L. Jackson Net Worth 2019

Early Life

Samuel L Jackson was born on December 21, 1948, in Washington, DC. His middle initial L stands for Leroy. He is the only child of Elizabeth and Roy Henry Jackson. His father died at an early stage, and Jackson grew up with his mother. In his entire life, he met his father only twice. He graduated from Riverside High School in Chattanooga. As a child, he had a stuttering problem. Initially, Jackson wanted to have a degree in marine biology and attended Morehouse College in Atlanta. He joined a local acting group to earn extra pocket money and found interest in acting. In 1972, he founded the ‘Just Us Theatre’.

He was involved in the Black Power Movement and also attended the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr. In 1969, Jackson and other students demanded changes in the school’s curriculum and governance. The demand was accepted, but Jackson was charged with a second-degree offense. He was convicted of unlawful confinement and suspended for two years. He then returned to his college to complete his graduation in Drama in 1972.

Personal Life

Jackson married actress LaTanya Richardson in 1980. They have a daughter Zoe born in 1982. He is bald and wears wigs in movies. But he is often seen in more bald roles. He campaigned for Barack Obama in the 2008 US Presidential Elections.


In the beginning of his career, Samuel started acting in multiple plays and made his film debut in ‘Together for Days’ in 1972. He was mentored by Morgan Freeman. He moved to New York City in 1976 and appeared in various stage plays. He appeared in minimal roles in the beginning of his career. Jackson was introduced to director Spike Lee who later offered roles to him in movies like School Daze, and Do The Right Thing. Samuel got into drug addiction and was sent to New York rehab clinic. After the completion of his rehab, he was seen in Jungle Fever as a cocaine addict. The film got acclaimed in the Cannes Film Festival and Jackson was bestowed with a special Supporting Actor Award.

He was then seen in movies like National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1, Amos & Andrew, Jurassic Park and Pulp Fiction. His role in Pulp Fiction conferred him with several accolades. Other movies of Jackson from the 90s included the Die Hard Series, A Time to Kill, Deep Blue Sea, and Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom. The 2000s witnessed Jackson in Changing Lanes, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Kill Bill:2, XXX, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. He also gave voice over in the animated movie ‘The Incredibles’. His last movie was Kong: Skull Island in 2017.

Samuel was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 1994 Academy Awards for his role in Pulp Fiction. He has been nominated four times for the Golden Globe Awards and has won 4 NAACP Awards out of 10 nominations. He has also won 1 BAFTA Award and 1 Black Real Award.

Net Worth

Thanks to his glorifying career, Samuel L. Jackson has become one of the richest black actors in the world. He has established himself to be one of the most successful and bankable stars. His net worth stands at $200 million. The 68-year-old actor also has a Solo apartment worth $4.4 million. He has appeared in over 160 movies and currently lives in Beverly Hills Mansion which was once owned by Roseanne Barr. He bought the property for 8 million dollars which is 11,700 square feet in area.

Jackson will be next seen in the remake of the movie The Last Dragon. He will also be a part of the movie Unicorn Store. Apart from being in movies, he is the chairman of ‘One for the Boys’ charity. It focuses on men about signs and risks of cancer. He has also done a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association.


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