Jay Wayne Jenkins, better known by his stage name ‘Jeezy’, is an American Rapper. He started his musical journey in the year 1998 and has been active ever since. Back in 1998, Jeezy launched ‘Corporate Thugz Entertainment’, a label imprint that is better known as ‘CTE World’ nowadays.

His personal life has been filled with its fair share of downs, but that hasn’t stopped Yeezy from making a name for himself in the American rap industry. Now let’s have a close look on Young Jeezy’s net worth in 2019.

Early Life

In the year 1997, Jeezy was born in Columbia, South Carolina. His childhood was traumatized by frequent changes in his custody owing to the divorce of his birth parents. He himself has gone public and described his early years of life as “empty”.

Young Jeezy Net Worth 2019

The downhill spiral of his life continued with him being found in possession of narcotics in the year 1994. He then spent 9 months in ‘Youth Challenge Academy’ owing to the above-mentioned offense.

However, as he stepped into a career in music, life changed for the better


Young Jeezy started his career with the stage name ‘Lil J’. Apart from being a solo performer, he is also associated with ‘United Streets Dopeboyz of America’. Previously, Young Jeezy was also a part of ‘Boyz n da Hood’.

His very first album, ‘Thuggin’ Under the Influence (T.U.I.)’, came out in the year 2001. It featured tracks from other artists like ‘Lil Jon’, ‘Freddy J’, ‘Fidank’, and ‘Kinky B’. Later in the year 2003, Jeezy released an independent 2-CD set titled ‘come shop with me’ that included some completely new tracks as well as some tracks from his debut album.

In the year 2004, Jeezy went on to join the group, ‘Boyz n da Hood’. The group released an album of their in the subsequent year itself.

However, Jeezy’s individual career came into the limelight when he had his big label debut with ‘Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101’. 2005 was the year when Jeezy’s major label debut made it the second spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

RIAA eventually certified the album ‘platinum’ which sold 172,000 within 7 days of its release.

Owing to the apparent success of ‘Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101’, Jeezy also decided to take an exit from the group, ‘Boys in da Hood’.

Jeezy’s second major label album, ‘The Inspiration’, that came out in 2006 topped the success of his first album. With platinum certification and 352,000 sales in the first week itself, the success of the album was apparent. “I Luv It”, the debut single of the album, gathered the 14th spot on the Billboard 100 music chart at the time of its release.

Later in 2007, Yeezy made a debut with his group, ‘U.S.D.A.’, with the album, ‘Cold Summer’. The album fared quite decently with 95,000 sales within 7 days of its release and by bagging the 4th spot on the Billboard 200 music chart.

Jeezy’s next individual album came out in 2008 and continued his streak of success. ‘The Recession’ turned out to be Yeezy’s second album to bag the top spot on the Billboard 200 music chart. In terms of first week sales, the album didn’t fail to impress. The number of sales made in the first 7 days of the album’s release was 260,000.

By the time his next album was announced in the works, Jeezy dropped the ‘young’ out of his stage name of that time, ‘Young Jeezy’. The year 2011 marked itself as the time when Jeezy’s much-awaited album, ‘Thug Motivation:103 Hustlerz Ambition’ was finally released. After the initial announcement in September, the album finally hit the shelves in the month of December. The album received Gold certification by the RIAA and 230,000 sales in the first 7 days of its release.

Furthermore, Jeezy went on to drop successful singles as well as albums in the subsequent years. His discography further consists of ‘Seen It All: The Autobiography’ that came out in 2014, ‘Church in These Streets’ that marked its release in 2015, and ‘Trap or Die 3’ that came out in 2016.

The Album, ‘Snow Season’, that was expected to hit the stores by the end of 2016 is still awaiting release.

Awards & Achievements

In the year 2007, Jeezy won the ‘Best Rap Album’ award at the Ozone awards for ‘The Inspiration’. In the next year(2008) itself, he went on to win the ‘Best Rap/R&B Collaboration’ award at eh Ozone Awards for the song ‘Love in This Club’ that featured Usher as well. Jeezy won the ‘Best Hip-Hop Collaboration’ BET Hip Hop award for the song, ‘I’m So Hood(Remix)’ in the same year(2008). The song, ‘Hard’, that he created along with Rihanna won the ‘Viewer’s Choice’ BET award in the year 2010. Jeezy also has 4 Grammy nominations that add to his accord but he is yet to win one.

Net Worth

Young Jeezy owes his net worth of $15 million to his career in the Rap music industry. He has wet on to drop hit after hit, and his charm still doesn’t seem to fade away. With ‘Snow Season’ expected to hit stores soon, Jeezy’s financial credentials are only expected to improve.

His collaborations with various renowned artists also add to his popularity. His individual songs, as well as his work with the group U.S.D.A., seem to strike a chord with the audience.

Jay Wayne Jenkins’s transition from ‘Lil J’ to ‘Young Jeezy’ to ‘Jeezy’ has witnessed a huge amount of growth as an artist. His work still continues to be among the best in the hip-hop genre. With Jeezy still being in the game, his name isn’t expected to fade away from the music industry anytime soon.


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