Mobile games keep you entertained in addition to keeping you connected through calls, texts and social media platforms. There are those that you download for free and others that you purchase from the play store or Apple store. Mobile games can be addictive, and you have to get the best so that you have maximum fun.

When you want a new game that will make you glued to your phone while playing here is a list of the bestselling that can help you make up your mind. There a lot of games by different manufacturers that makes it hard when you want to get mobile games. here are the top 10 mobile games in 2019.

10. Pokemon GO

Best Mobile Games 2019

Get to Go on an adventure of finding imaginary creatures with Pokemon GO. It will give you an AR gaming experience, and it is the first of this kind. No age limits as the game can be played by kids and adults alike. It is designed with episodes of many cartoons so that it is more eye catching. You get to have a fun experience hunting with a cute monster using real-world data. It can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

9. Candy Crush Saga

Best Mobile Games

Have an amazing experience swiping and matching candies with this game. The levels get harder as you progress. It is a brain cracking game that will keep you glued on your phone wanting to get to higher levels that are more difficult. It has gained popularity and is simple, but at the same time, it has a difficulty system that will get you thinking so hard of the moves to take so that you complete a level. You can get this game if you have either an Android or iOS device.

8. Komrad

Best Mobile Games

Unlock secrets with Komrad who has no idea that cold war ended. Komrad gets messages delivered through text messages, and you have to put your trust on him as you play the game. It has a machine sentience that you will enjoy when playing. It is, however, available for the only iOS where you can purchase it from the Apple store.

7. PinOut

Best Mobile Games

Holding your pinball up high as you go through a maze that is endless, picking up time that you will utilize in tough levels is the experience that you get with this game. It makes you compete against yourself in the battles so that you beat your own time and advance to stages that are more difficult in the maze. Every second count and you can add yourself more time by getting an Easter egg mini game. The maze is designed to be neon for a fun experience. Get the game for free on your Android or iOS.

6. RunGun JumpGun

Best Mobile Games

This game gives the player a chance to fly using a gun. You have to know when to use the gun to run and when to blast through obstacles. You have to make the decision quickly so that you don’t fail. It I colorfully designed to give a fun experience. The tech used in making the gun fly is unique. It can be purchased by iOS and Android users in their specific stores.

5. The Bug Butcher

Best Mobile Games

Get a Space experience with this game. A player has to fire at foes that above him/her. It sounds simple but is more technical. The foes are gigantic and mimic alien insects; they bounce on the ground, so you have to be careful not to get splatted. When you fire at the foes, they split into tiny bugs that will make dodging them difficult. So you have to be tactical to survive. The higher you progress through the levels, you get more weapons to use. Have fun playing it, and you can purchase it for Android and iOS.

4. Yankai’s Triangle

Best Mobile Games

Yankai’s triangle lets you match colored points that are in a filled of triangle circles. The triangle gets bigger the more you progress. The levels also get challenging as you go higher. Spice up your entertainment with this game. You can purchase it for both Android and iOS. It will slowly be your favorite the more you play.

3. Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

Best Mobile Games

Get to investigate crimes scenes and from it build a strong case for the defendant as you identify the real culprit. You are provided with skillful interrogation tactics that you can use. Unlike the other games that you can play offline, this one you have to be online to have a fun experience. It is based on the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. You purchase it if you have either Android or iOS device from the specific stores.

2. Battleship Lone Wolf

Best Mobile Games

This game provides you with a spacecraft that you can increase firepower with placing turrets. You protect your spacecraft by dodging fire from foes. It is challenging, and you get tough levels on higher levels. The experience is brilliant with this game. You also get to dish out the waves of foes.Android users can purchase it from play store for and Apple store for iOS.

1. The Hacker 2.0

Best Mobile Games

This is an advanced version of the Hacker. You get to take out enemies after watching their movement pattern carefully. You can shoot the enemy from behind or the side. It is not that simple as you also have to watch out so that the enemy does not delete you first. You can purchase more skills to help you hack better. The game is played on a grid, and you can unlock exits by matching scrolling screens. It is free and can be downloaded only iOS users.

Mobile games can be played on smartphones, tablets among other devices. They have gained popularity, and their designers are coming up with ways to make if more fun for you as you play. Get entertained with mobile games. There are many games each with different distinguishable and the best mobile games of 2019 discussed above can help you narrow down on the one that is best for you.


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